Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Blind Date

I went on a blind date.. and I had no idea what she was going to look like.

Why do they call it a blind date anyways? Is the date suppose to be blind? Experts say it’s called that because you have no idea what the date will look like.

So if that’s true, there’s a good chance my date could have been either

* A horse

* Man who likes other men

* A petafile

* Michael Jackson

If it was M.J. the attraction wouldn’t be there.. since I’m not a 10 year old.

What if my blind date ended up being a guy holding a dozen roses? I would hope I’m not the one he’s waiting for.

Well that’s the type of person I saw and.. he was waiting for me!

Why can’t I ever have a hot blind date like the ones on the scripted TV series “Blind Date?”

And that explains why the women on that show are always hot with big knockers. Because it’s scripted. This is for the male readers. Would you ever watch a blind date show which featured a girl with no good features? I wouldn't since I can do just that by looking out the living room window.

So for my next blind date, I will try to be on the TV show. I think I would qualify since I not only like women with big "knockers" but I'm great at reading and memorizing scripts!