Sunday, October 8, 2006

Meatheads Take la Cité

"Our film crew headed to Le Massif this spring, but with rain driving us off the slopes, our resident Quebecois--Simon Thomson--showed us around. Sure, it's old and full of cathedrals, but, man, can this place party."

1. Ozone
We started the night playing pool and drinking a Few pitchers of Richard's--that's Quebecois for "Killian's"--at this popular sports bar. Young skiers and riders pack the place early for sushi and sake, and the late-night lines can be atrocious. There weren't any drink specials, but as Stephanie, a university-bound cutie, told us, "Every night is special." Oui. Stephaniel [570 Grande-Allée Est]

2. Chez Dagobert
This three-level nightclub is one of Quebec City's most famous. Upstairs, saucy femmes in tank tops and spandex danced on tables white videographer Geoff McDonald and I tripped out to the Pink Floyd--worthy light show. (Bar owners reportedly spent $4 million on It!) Later, on the first floor, we joined flannel-clad, head-banging moshers while Franco-Canadian metal cover band Alcoolica ripped through some Metallica. Don't miss the C$3.25 Jaeger shot special on Sundays. [600 Grande-Allée Est]

3. Pub Saint-Alexandre
The 200 varieties of beer at this laid-back pub are intimidating, but friendly barkeeps, a detectable scotch menu, live music, and cheap pub fare make Pub Saint-Alexandre a great spot to kick it after a long day of shredding. But with no skiing waiting for us the next morning, our night was just getting started. [1087 rue St-Jean]

4. Pub St. Patrick's
Hearty pints of Guinness, warm glasses of Jameson's, and car bombs among chain-smoking cheese-eaters: It's an Irish bar in Quebec. The four of us rolled up to the rail and joined 150 or so patrons jigging to live Irish music and pounding through kegs. By the time we left, halt a dozen empty kegs were stacked in the hallway. Just imagine what St. Paddy's Day must be like. [1200 rue St-Jean]

5. Maurice
A two-level dance club/restaurant, Maurice is more chill than neighboring Dagobert. We started upstairs in the trendy lounge, but the combination of pop music and prowling cougars made it a bit uncomfortable Downstairs, the vibe was younger, with female DJs spinning hip-hop and bachelor parties scarfing Creole specialities at the adjoining Voodoo Grill The best part? Scantily dad beauties go-go dancing in cages on either side of the turntables. [575 Grande-Allée Est]

6. Bar Sainte-Angèle
Only serious locals know about this hole-in-the-wall dive just off of Rue St-Jean. It was dosed when we visited, but as one native said: "You don't walk out of there sober," Look for the spoakeasy-style door and battered wooden sign. [26 rue Sainte-Angèle]

7. Hotel Manoir Lafayette
The ornate rooms at this three-star hotel would do Versailles proud, and the heart of the city's nightlife is within easy stumbling distance. Winter-season rooms start at C$79 and free wireless access. [

8. Le Funiculaire
Strap on a fanny pack and play tourist on this glorified elevator that provides the best view of the old city [C$1.50]

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